About Me

Sue Freel, Artist & Owner

Giving Life to Old Windows

What started with refurbishing antique trunks, has now evolved into creating artwork on old, unwanted windows. There’s something intriguing about the untold stories behind these items and bringing them new life and enjoyment for your home. After seeing 2 cute little windows, I thought it would be great to salvage them and find a way to appreciate them in today’s home.  I went to work and glued glass, mosaic pieces, mirror, seashells, stones and other found treasures.  It wasn’t until I poured resin over it, that it came alive.  The colors became more translucent, it gave a beautiful glossy, glimmer in all directions and makes you stare at it and want to touch it. This is where it all started.

From there, I continue to delve into new ideas and create beautiful pieces of art.  It gives me satisfaction to watch how these windows catch the eyes of both men and women and draw them in for a closer look. These windows seem to  create their own conversations and smiles!!

Forever Evolving

Married to my husband, David for 24 years and have two daughters, Kylie and Jacqueline. Both consumed by the game of soccer. When I’m not running them around to school or club soccer, I enjoy staying fit through fitness training, traveling and a whole lot of creating.

My Gallery

Each piece is created through inspiration of color, texture and home decor. The end result is an eclectic design that is transitional for anyone’s design style.